Past Projects

Delivered since 2005

Winter 2016/17

Hamworthy Sea Wall Maintenance Repairs

The repair of damaged sections of the concrete sea wall and promenade at Hamworthy Park.

Winter 2015/16

Beach Replenishment: Bournemouth Pier to Solent Beach

Part of a 17-year Beach Management Scheme to protect Bournemouth’s coastline. A volume of 355,500m³ of dredged material was distributed on the beach between Bournemouth Pier and Solent Beach (existing groyne No. B16 in the west to No. B36 in the east).

Winter 2015/16

Groyne Replacement, Bournemouth Beach – Phase 1, Year 1

Part of a 17-year Beach Management Scheme to protect Bournemouth’s coastline. Ten (of a planned total of 53) timber groynes were replaced east of Boscombe Pier.

2005 – 2015

Projects between 2005 – 2015 can be found at our archived websites; links below will open in a new window.

Poole Bay Nearshore Beach Replenishment Trial 2015

A beach replenishment process trial that could make future projects more economically and environmentally sustainable. The trial started in February 2015 with the placement of approximately 30,000 cubic metres of sandy material offshore at Canford Cliffs, with subsequent surveys & monitoring by the Channel Coastal Observatory. A final report was published by the Environment Agency in March 2018.

Winter 2014

Baiter Sea Wall

During the storms of winter 2013/14 scouring below the sea wall’s foundations caused damage to the footpath behind. Whilst the footpath was repaired immediately, further work was needed to ensure the integrity of the wall, to contain the historic landfill site to the rear and to ensure the future safety of pedestrians.

Winter 2013

Sand Recycling Trials on Poole’s Beaches

During November 2013 a one-off coast protection trial was prepared at Poole to assess the volume of wind blown sand and the possibility of recycling sand on Poole’s beaches.

2008 – 2010

Bournemouth Beach Top-ups

During the three years 2008-2010 the council pledged to make good the annual sediment losses to keep the beach at a constant level and volume between Boscombe & Southbourne. Replenishment was localised and each project took just a few days.

Winter 2009

Bournemouth Timber Groyne Repair Works

A £1 million project to repair four of Bournemouth’s groynes carried out between November 2009 – February 2010.

Winter 2008

New Rock Groynes, Branksome Beach

A £1.9 million, five month project to create five new rock groynes between Branksome Chine and Branksome Dene Chine. Construction was completed May 2009.

Winter 2006/07

Bournemouth Beach Replenishment

700,000 cubic metres (approx 1 million metric tonnes) of sand from the dredging area off the Isle of Wight was used to replenish Bournemouth’s beaches between Boscombe & Alum Chine.

Winter 2005/2016

Poole Bay & Swanage Beach Replenishment

Approx 1.1 million cubic metres (1.65 million metric tonnes) of sand dredged from Poole Harbour channels & approaches was used to replenish beaches at Swanage, Poole & Bournemouth to protect them from erosion.

Sandbanks Coast Protection 1995 – 2003

Two schemes that pre-date the website – the construction of Rock Groynes (1995 & 2001) and Beach Replenishment 2003 at Sandbanks – are described in a report from Borough of Poole’s Senior Engineer.