Completed Projects

Delivered since 2015


A project to safeguard the integrity of the town’s quay structures whilst enabling the Environment Agency to address the requirements to improve its flood defences.


Monitoring of the cliff face at Canford Cliffs following the landslip in February 2017 in order to identify whether the cliff is moving or stable, and help establish what future cliff stabilisation works may be needed.

Spring/Summer 2018

Holes Bay Flood Defences

New flood defence structures for the Creekmoor and Sterte Channels, housing tidal valves to prevent tidal water travelling back up the channels during high tides.

Poole Bay Nearshore Beach Replenishment Trial 2015-2018

A beach replenishment process trial that could make future projects more economically and environmentally sustainable. The trial started in February 2015 with the placement of approximately 30,000 cubic metres of sandy material offshore at Canford Cliffs, with subsequent surveys & monitoring by the Channel Coastal Observatory. A final report was published by the Environment Agency in March 2018.

Winter 2016/17

Hamworthy Sea Wall Maintenance Repairs

The repair of damaged sections of the concrete sea wall and promenade at Hamworthy Park.

Winter 2015/16

Beach Replenishment: Bournemouth Pier to Solent Beach

Part of a 17-year Beach Management Scheme to protect Bournemouth’s coastline. A volume of 355,500m³ of dredged material was distributed on the beach between Bournemouth Pier and Solent Beach (existing groyne No. B16 in the west to No. B36 in the east).

Winter 2015/16

Groyne Replacement, Bournemouth Beach – Phase 1, Year 1

Part of a 17-year Beach Management Scheme to protect Bournemouth’s coastline. Ten (of a planned total of 53) timber groynes were replaced east of Boscombe Pier.

Past projects (2005-2015)