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Borough of Poole

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Poole Bay Nearshore Beach Replenishment Trial 2015

Borough of Poole

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The video contains a bit of close up shots of the Magni R, the dredger used to undertake the dredging of Poole Harbour and the nearshore trial for beach recharge in Poole. Also seen is the survey boat that was used to accurately determine the placement of material. This was used to measure the amount of material on the seabed and will be used as part of the ongoing monitoring program to assess the success of the trial.

This video shows the Magni R dredging material from a shipping channel within Poole Harbour to maintain access for larger ships. On the starboard side is the dredging arm which is lowered to the seabed. The end of the arm has a bucket head with teeth to release the top layer of material that has collected there above the stated navigation depth. The suction pipe then transports the released, suspended material to the hopper for transport. The excess water drains off in the hopper, allowing maximum loading of material. The sand is so dry it could be walked on in the hopper.

This video shows the Magni R dredger releasing the dredged material from Poole Harbour. The sandy material is placed onto the seabed just off shore from Canford Cliffs. The dredgers hopper (where the material, sand, is stored for transport) splits in half allowing the sand to fall out directly under the ship. The sand is put back into suspension using water jets so allowing the entire load to be deposited in the desired location. This placement of material is a trial to ascertain the economy of using future small dredge works within Poole Harbour to trickle feed the beaches in Poole. This would be an economic saving whilst potentially decreasing the frequency of larger beach replenishment schemes requiring land based equipment.