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Poolebay.net was first published in response to the high level of public interest in the major beach replenishment projects of 2005-2007.

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Nearshore Beach Replenishment Trials

Storm Repairs 2014 - Shore Road Beach

Storm Repairs 2014 - Baiter Sea Wall

Sand Recycling Trials on Poole's Beaches

Whitley Lake Sea Defence Feasibility Study

Borough of Poole www.poole.gov.uk

Other sources of local coastal information

Standing Conference on Problems Associated with the Coastline Poole & Christchurch Bays Shoreline Management Plan (SMP)

Sandy material is dredged from the sea bed for beach replenishment

Storm Repairs 2014 - Shore Road towards Branksome beach

The Sand

The sand placed on the beach is dredged from the main Swash Channel, used by shipping entering and exiting Poole harbour. This channel is regularly maintained by Poole Harbour Commissioners to a depth of 7.5m below chart datum to ensure that large vessels can navigate safely through Poole’s shallow waters to reach the port.

We work in partnership with the Poole Harbour Commissioners; by replenishing Poole’s beaches with this dredged sand after last winter’s storms we are helping them to meet their policy to make beneficial use of dredged material, rather than it being dumped out at sea.

Sand particle sizes can vary; samples were taken of the sand on our beach prior to this project, and of the dredged material; they were a good match so the material use for replenishment is very similar.

The pumped sand is initially black in colour, but do not be alarmed - it is this colour only because it has been under the sea for a length of time. As soon as it is exposed to oxygen the beach quickly returns to a beautiful golden colour.

We also leave a ‘sand cliff’ on the seaward side of the beach; you may find it odd that we don’t create a smooth and gently sloping beach profile but the waves move sand around all the time and we have discovered in the past that by leaving this blunt edge nature will find the most appropriate shape for the beach - without our help!

It might take a little time, but we end up with a sustainable and natural beach profile, rather than an artificially designed one.

We will leave a ‘sand cliff’ on the seaward side of the beach

The dredge area (shown in yellow). The Swash Channel is dredged as part of Poole Harbour Commissioners ongoing maintenance

Click for a larger image Borough of Poole www.poole.gov.uk Main Contractors Rohde Nielsen of Denmark - www.rohde-nielsen.dk/en Poole Harbour Commissioners www.phc.co.uk