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Storm Repairs 2014 - Shore Road Beach

Storm Repairs 2014 - Baiter Sea Wall

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Storm Repairs 2014 - Baiter Sea Wall

£175,000 awarded to repair storm damage to the sea wall at Baiter car park.

Works were completed December 2014.

The project

During the storms of winter 2013/14 scouring below the sea wall’s foundations caused damage to the footpath behind. Whilst the footpath was repaired immediately, further work is needed to ensure the integrity of the wall, to contain the historic landfill site to the rear and to ensure the future safety of pedestrians.

Works commenced 6th October 2014; the £175,000 cost was paid for by Government funding awarded specifically to this project.

Sheet piling was installed close to the front of the existing wall, to form a barrier to future wave action. The finished works have effectively added an additional step down in front of the original wall.

This project was undertaken with Marine Management Organisation (MMO) approval, which involved consultation with the relevant authorities and organisations, given the nature and position of this site.

Borough of Poole www.poole.gov.uk

Foundations were undermined by winter storm waves 2013/14

Baiter car park - the length of sea wall to be underpinned

Green vegetation indicates where beach material has been washed away during the storms

Storm wave action has caused damage and a colllapse of the tarmac footpath above the wall

On site signage

Storm damage winter 2013/14

Progress October 2014 - showing piles being driven in front of the existing wall

Project complete